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Doctor Heinrich Von Bach was the nineteenth-century scientist resurrected from the dead by his own ungodly invention. At least that’s the story Hollywood told when they got hold of the gothic romance novel written about the good doctor. For a hundred years they’ve made as many films based on the bloody life and undeath of Von Bach.

Today, a major studio is finishing a big budget “Von Bach” movie. But suddenly, the real Von Bach returns to life in Hollywood and he is going to teach the cast and crew the true meaning of “development hell.”

In chapter 7, “Fire Bad,” the saga concludes with a fiery battle over the legacy of Von Bach.  The twists and turns in this final chapter will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Writer: Owen Hammer

Art: Mariano Navarro 

Color: Hernán Cabrera

20 pages in full color

Here's what people are saying about "Von Bach”:

"VON BACH operates on a lot of levels--horror, romance, Hollywood satire, modernist analysis of textual re-interpretation, and to a certain extent legal thriller--and it works wonderfully on all of them. And it's very funny, too, which is not as easy as it sounds.”

-Chris Kipiniak, writer "Nightcrawler," "Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man" and co-creator Behemoth.

“VON BACH is an absolute pleasure! Owen Hammer's writing is smart, clever, and RICH with Hollywood tapestries, which he craftily TAKES HIS TIME (thank you, Owen) to unfold before us. He understands the delicate balance of revelling in an industry's humorous eccentricities and characters to keeping alive the sense of HOPE in our feisty and determined lead. Go, Minna! However, as wonderful as the writing is, the art (by Mariano Navarro w/colors by Hernan Cabrera) processes all of what Hammer has created and then takes it to a whole 'nother level. While flashy and stylistic, there's a SOLID foundation there. Navarro understands the human form, a wide variety of expressions, and a sense of timing that most mainstream comics fail at nowadays. Where has this talent been hiding and why haven't we seen more of him? And not only do Hernan Cabrera's colors add to the art, his letters (yes, he LETTERS the book, too) manage to achieve a personality of their own, as well. Overall, I want to say that this package is as professional as it gets but if I'm being real, it's actually much, MUCH better! A MUST-READ and another shining example of what comics can aspire to be with the right talent.”

-Gary Yap, creator of Gillian Anderson’s spy comic book 55 and animator for “King of the Hill.”

“I had the great pleasure of seeing Von Bach (the play) in its original stage run, and it was a delight to return to the story in its new comic form with all its humor and wit intact. Von Bach manages to lovingly poke fun at Hollywood culture, horror, romance, screenwriting, remakes, film tropes, visual effects and even graphic novels themselves. It’s fast-paced reading with distinctive artwork and great coloring. Even the speech bubbles are dynamic!”

-Ross Blocher, co-host Oh No!  Ross and Carrie podcast.

"First of all, VON BACH just looks gorgeous.  It has Hammer’s hilarious but brutal worldview, and is also a smart and well told story.  Von Bach feels as charged as a monster/horror film, but told in the world of bad Hollywood decisions.  So . . . it’s a slice of life.  I can’t recommend highly enough.  I’m tired of talking about it; I’m starting to feel bad about myself.”

-Ethan Sandler, Writer/Producer.

“Disproving the notion that comic books are just for kids, the VON BACH series is a gorgeous, engrossing, unpredictable and insightful take on the behind-the-scenes world of show biz. Oh, not only that, it’s funny as hell. Imagine that: a comic book with a smart, searing take on Hollywood and its cannibalization of the horror genre. Ever wonder what would happen if ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and Alan Moore had their brains fused together? Well, wonder no more — just get your hands on VON BACH.”

-Johanna Stein, Writer Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, showrunner Madagascar, A Little Wild and “The Woman in #12” from Mulholland Drive.

“I discovered VON BACH from the inside when Owen asked me to play a bit part in a movie for the stage play.  The show was great and I was so glad to see that it survived its all too short run as a graphic novel.  Von Bach is funny! And scary! And funnily scary! And scarily funny!”

-Craig Cackowski, actor Drunk History, Community and Veep.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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